Do you have bills that you have set up to be paid automatically using either your checking account number or your debit card?  If COVID-19 is causing you to have a shortage of funds in your account, please call whichever merchants will be taking these payments more than 3 days in advance of the payment's transaction date, in order to request that the withdrawals NOT be made. Be clear that you are withdrawing your authorization permanently. Please get the confirmation number and keep it. If a merchant takes a payment from your account and the account doesn't have sufficient funds to cover the amount, you will be charged an Insufficient Funds Fee (NSF Fee) on both sides of the transaction. These fees can add up quickly and we want to help you avoid the charges.


Please remember that some utility companies have promised no disconnections during this time. Please talk with those companies directly if you need this assistance. 


Here are some ideas of payments you may have previously authorized:  Electricity, Water, Mortgage, Cable, Phone/Internet, Student Loans, Regular Loans, Subscriptions, and Donations.


Remember to call the merchant in advance. You cannot just call the day that the payment is supposed to be withdrawn--call at LEAST 3 days in advance. You need to call the business/service that will be taking the payment--calling us will not help because we can't withdraw the authorization you provided to them. 


This same idea applies to auto-withdrawal loan payments you may have asked us to make on your behalf. Please ask us to stop these, if you don’t have money in the other account. If you need a loan payment extension call 816.221.2734 ext. 116 or email us at We have a special program to help you.


At Holy Rosary Credit Union, the health and financial wellbeing of our members and staff is our top priority. We understand the concern and uncertainty you may be experiencing surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and are committed to serving your financial needs. 


Carole Wight, President


Saturday before Easter, April 11, 2020  

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