Dear Raytown Member:


We are sorry to inform you that the Raytown Branch of the Credit Union will be closing. We are very sorry to share this news. What originally began as a remodel of the facility has turned into a request to close the location. We do not have knowledge of all the variables behind this request. However, we believe that it is made with consideration for pastoral planning of the local church and the needs of this parish and its parishioners at the current time. The Credit Union will be closing this branch permanently effective immediately. We appreciate the use of the Parish facility over the past years and wish to extend our best wishes to this Parish.


This request came as a big surprise to us and we only received news of this last Friday. We have been working to pursue alternative methods to serve you. We are letting you know of this change as quickly as we can.  


We have long sensed a call to provide service to the Raytown area and have worked to stay in this community to serve you. We are broken-hearted and so sorry for any inconvenience this branch closing may cause you. Please know that we will be watching and praying for a place to open a new branch. We would ask that you join with us in prayers for the Parish, its parishioners, the Credit Union, and the needs of our members. We do believe that God can bring beauty for all out of difficult situations.


We want to do whatever we can to help you through this change and assist you in continuing to use our services in the easiest way possible. We stand ready to help you use some of the following tools, if you so desire.


Video Banking from Your Phone or Computer: With this secure technology you can literally talk to one of our staff just as if you were in the Raytown Branch. We can help you with most of your banking needs including opening new accounts and loans. For more information call us at 816.221.2734 or go to: Video Banking.


Check Deposit via Our Mobile App and Your Smartphone: There are many things you can do with our new Mobile Banking app. The thing that can probably save you the most time is taking a picture of your check and depositing it by phone with this app. You might never have to set foot in a branch again! For more information on this, please go to: Mobile App. This mobile app can be used for all the things you would normally do in Online Banking. 


Of course, Online Banking is still available for use from your computer, and you can do an amazing number of things as can be seen by visiting: Online Banking.


CO-OP Shared Branch Access: Holy Rosary Credit Union is part of the Shared Branch network. With this network, you have access to over 5,400 Shared Branch locations and 30,000 free ATMS nationwide. The closest full-service Shared Branch Location to the Raytown Branch is United Consumers Credit Union at 8730 E. 63rd Street. This branch is literally 1.5 miles from the current Raytown Branch. You can do business there by just telling them you are a member of Holy Rosary Credit Union and having your account number and government-issued picture ID (like a driver’s license or a passport).  For a complete list of Shared Branches and ATMs, please click on this link. Perhaps there is a branch that is very close to your home.  


Another of Our Branches: We have three other branches in Kansas City.  Our main branch is located at 533 Campbell Street, Kansas City, MO 64106. It is 11.9 miles from the Raytown Branch. A list of our branch locations and hours can be found here: Hours and Locations


Debit Card Cash Withdrawals: You can get cash back when you use your debit card to make a purchase. Or you can use that same debit card to withdraw cash 24-hours a day. If you use a machine from the CO-OP network, the transactions will be surcharge free and HRCU gives the first five free of charge. You do not even have to leave your car! 


Please feel free to call us at 816.221.2734 if you have questions or if we can help you implement some of these tools. Or go to our home page at and click on the Video Banking icon on the right-hand side at the top of the page. 


We are committed to serving you, our members. We are committed to our mission to bless the financial lives of people. We may have lost our Raytown home, but we have not lost our passion to serve you.  



Carole Wight, President


Memorial Day: Monday, May 31, 2021 

Stay Connected 816.221.2734.